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Another Day

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I’ll do it tomorrow another day

Some other time I hope I pray

But, time inevitably passes by it slips away

When my life finally comes to an end

How much time will I have allowed to be sent

to oblivion, the nether world, or uselessly spent?

Those who do are the ones who create

They know the clock is relentless that genius always knows the time is late

So, why do I always squander hours like minutes and years like days?

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More On Stupidity

by on Feb.15, 2010, under 2009, General, Poetry


It’s difficult to understand stupidity

Especially when it’s seen with such lucidity

Knowledge doesn’t have to be elusive

But, idiocy is so powerfully intrusive

That it fails to ever leave me alone

This universal poisoner of the human race

Drowning us with wave after wave after wave

Encompassing us in the bars of its cage

It seems that for man wisdom is not coming with age

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by on Apr.01, 2009, under 2009, Poetry


Sometimes I know no ordinary life
It is only a brief reprieve between catastrophe and disaster
A brief respite between terror and war
It’s not that I haven’t lived a charmed life of pleasure and ease
It’s not that I have suffered and struggled
No, it is only that I have taken my liesure to immerse myself in the history of mankind
And with my knowledge has come my understanding
With these stories I have crafted my world
I don’t only peer out to see my own life
But I am always dwarfed by the lives that have come before
By the gravity that was their existence
Triumph and horror, bonded and free
How many men has God made?
How many plans has God’s plan still got to tell?

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