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Greece, Spain, and Portugal: Obama’s Vision For America

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     Why is our President following failed economic models? Socialized medicine, Cap and Trade, and higher taxes are all PROVEN disasters. Yet, Obama continues to take us further down the red brick road. His penchant for Marxist professors not withstanding, does he really believe that what he is doing is best for the country? Or does he have some ulterior agenda? His policies are so detrimental to the nation that it is necessary to ask these questions. The socialist economies of Europe are on the verge of economic collapse. Every state in the Union that has similar policies are on the verge of collapse as well. New York, California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are just the most salient examples. If it hasn’t worked it seems that this President is willing to try it.

     Rather than cut spending he has dramatically increased it. The deficits he is running are 300% over the worst deficit of the Bush years. On top of that he, and his liberal cohorts, managed to ram through a 2700+ page health care bill that no one read in its entirety. According to Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader of the House, we needed to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it. That sounds like genius to me. So, maybe we should pass other legislation on blank paper and the dictatorship could just fill in whatever they want whenever they want. Then we could at least stop calling ourselves a Republic. What exactly will be the Democrats crossing of the Rubicon? When will we actually see that we are no longer citizens in a democratic society, but slaves in a liberal fascist totalitarian state?

     As it stands now we can be personally regulated by the federal government at any point. This is due to the fact that CO2 has been designated a pollutant by the Supreme Court. This essentially means that the EPA can, without Congressional consent, devise any scheme it wants to reduce emissions of this “dangerous” greenhouse gas. Mind you that water vapor is the most prominent heat trapping gas and we breathe that out as well. We now live at the whim of whoever heads the EPA and under this President that is a truly frightening prospect.

     This imminent decline into socialism is further evidenced by the fact that the public sector is hiring more employees than the private sector. Our GDP is now over 40% federal government spending. What does this say about the future if we do not change the course that we are on? When will the pensions of these public employees become so onerous that we will have to enact austerity measures to curb their exhorbitant cost? Will our federal dependents act like the leftist hooligans in Greece and riot? I marvel at the fact that so many people in this country do not see the coming disaster if all of this is left unchecked. We are now not only spending the money of our children, but the money of our grandchildren as well. This is unsustainable!!!

     Mr. Obama continually does anything he can to sabotage the long running well being of this nation. Every economic policy he has enacted, or proposed, will lead us to financial ruin. Yet, we still have financial reform and cap and trade on the horizon. Who will invest money when the capital gains tax goes over 40%? We’d be better off avoiding the risks of investment and hiding our hard earned dollars under our mattresses. With taxes going through the roof, investment hindered, and businesses regulated out of profitability what will we do to survive? The economic recovery we see right now is only a mirage. When the full actions of this President, and his socialist allies, are realized we will descend into an economic abyss. Take a look at the healthcare bill that we supposedly needed so urgently that no one had time to read it. If we were so pressed for time why are so many of it’s provisions not enacted until 2013? Could it be that the leftists who pushed for the bill knew how unpopular many of these new laws and taxes would be and that this could cost Obama the 2012 Presidential election?

Europe is crumbling under the weight of entitlement. Numerous “blue” states are facing tremendous budgetary problems. Our Federal debt is nearly 100% of our GDP and it is forecast to become almost twice that in the next ten years. Now is the time to stop wasteful spending. Now is the time to reign in this runaway train. If we do not stop this profligate spending we will become Greece, Portugal, and Spain. It is time to stop the bailouts and let this house of cards fall. Every day that we continue this unsustainable path only increases the economic pain that it will take to correct the situation. True leaders have to explain this to the majority of the masses that still do not understand. All this spending has to stop and today is the day to begin.

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Weather Disasters: Get Used To Them

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I have been an avid weather watcher for my whole life. Over the years my personal observations, of what has been around me and from reports around the world, have lead me to conclude that the climate will only continue to spiral out of control. The generally subdued weather and climate of the period from 1850 to 1990 is not the norm. The more extreme events that we have seen over the last two decades are far more likely to be typical earth climate. Since our societies have largely developed into the state that they are currently in during this tranquill episode we are not prepared to deal with the variability that our future climate presents. Regardless if mankind has an influence on this current uptick in extremes I believe it to be a natural occurrence.

Massive blizzards, extreme winds, and now flooding have been a hallmark of the 2009-2010 winter season over much of the eastern United States. Conversely much of the northwest of North America has had a rather warm and relatively snowless season. All over the world this is being repeated and it is occurring year after year. Whether it be droughts or floods, hot or cold, or prolonged periods of calm or extreme storms the climate is becoming far more erratic. Desert floods, fires in the rainforest, the European heat wave of 2003, and countless other events are showing us a world in transition. It seems that no place on this planet is being spared from these freakish examples of nature’s fury.

Yet, we must look at what this means for people as a whole. What does this foretell of the future? Can mankind adequately respond to a climate that challenges us on a nearly continuous basis? It is easy to sit in the industrialized world and simply dismiss what a more turbulent climate may mean for us, but that is very short sighted. First off the effects that will be visited upon us will eventually become an impediment to our every day existence, but before that the trials and tribulations that decimate the third world will visit their results upon our nations. Europe, the United States, Japan, and the rest of the first and second world will be overrun with the refugees from nature’s devastations. Thirsty and hungry people will not go quietly into that dark night while an arrogant, lazy, and spoiled people hold all that they need at their finger tips to stave off their impending doom.

The third world will be hit first, but the more technologically developed societies will not be far behind. The crops that we have cultivated are mostly hybrids bred for the traits that made them suitable to the climate of the past. Clean and reliable water will quickly disappear from much of the world. Massive crop failures will make it to the farm belts of the Northern hemisphere and probably to those of the south as well. Wars over the most basic materials such as water and food will naturally ensue. Malnutrition will lead to epidemics and pandemics and no corner of this globe will be immune. This applies to our livestock as well. Our precarious and comfortable position on this earth is about to take a turn for the worse. All of these natural disasters will only further stress the institutional problems that have been exposed over these last few years. On top of all of this the eco-systems upon which we depend will thrown into complete disarray. Forests will disappear, marine life will evaporate, and the cost of the most basic necessities will skyrocket.

What does all of this mean? What can we do? My primary concern is that we now have no leaders, for the most part, across this world. There are virtually no people who will stand up and take the tough measures which we need to address this coming series of crises. Planning for alternative means to generate agricultural and natural resources is paramount. Again, I must stress the impact that this will have on the populations of the third world. They will be first to endure these hardships, but they will quickly spread to the rest of the world. What are now weather anamolies and inconvieniences will become increasingly meaningful challenges to our very existence. We ignore them at our own peril!!!!

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Global Climate Change And Idiots

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Here we go again. The politicization of the global climate change debate. And both sides are showing their stupidity. We have the idiots on the opposing side to anthropogenic warming pointing to the recent record snowfalls in the mid-atlantic as evidence that there is no warming and the global warming fanaticists saying that it is evidence that there is climate change. SCIENCE!!!! Where’s the science? Don’t any of these people understand the first thing about how we collect and interpret data? One season does not a climate make and neither side should be trumpeting these snowfalls to back up their positions. While it is cold and snowy in some places it is inevitably warmer and drier in others. None of these short term phenomena are proof of anything.

I’ve studied the earth’s climate in various ways for thirty years. There is no conclusive proof that climate change is, or is not, occurring. The recent spate of revelations that the falsification of evidence by climate change scientists was perpetrated is quite disturbing. This especially due to the fact that so much of this “science” has been used to back up the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The fact that the IPCC is an organ of the U.N. is enough to make me distrust it. Yet, the fact that it has now been exposed as using falsified and questionable data truly brings their motives into question. Personally I believe that the U.N. is trying to use this issue as a means of increasing their control over national sovereignty and to diminish the role of the United States in the world. Indeed if one is to control the use of energy production one will control every aspect of our lives.

On the other hand I feel it is quite near-sighted to suppose that six and a half billion people have no effect on the state of our environment. Especially when one considers the vast amount of resources that go into our everyday existence. Our use of fossil fuels is exorbitant and cannot continue at this pace forever. Even if it has no effect on the atmosphere and the climate these resources are finite. At the very least we need to diligently pursue the production of energy by other means. Regardless if climate change is occurring, or if it is caused by man, it is to our benefit to investigate the potential of other sources of energy. Deriding the global warming fanatics does nothing to improve our existence on this planet. Except when they are challenged on their ulterior motives for the paths they want to pursue to alleviate this “problem”.

Yet, the religion of climate change caused by man is quite an orthodoxy. Any ideas that counter their doctrinal positions are met with fierce opposition. No quarter is given and they feel justified in using any means necessary to defend their beliefs. As we have seen with the falsified science we also see in their insidious attempts to pass legislation that will control every aspects of our lives. Not to mention increasing the cost of living for the average person significantly. Yet, they want to place these laws, taxes, and regulations on us with absolutely no evidence that they will have any benefit to the alleviating the “crisis” that they claim is at hand.

Enough is enough!! We need to look at this issue with a level head. We need to have unmolested scientific data to base our decisions upon. We must find ways to work alternative energy sources into our economy without turning the means by which we live our daily lives upside down. This is especially true for the billions already living at the edge of existence. Change is necessary. Yet, the rate and nature of that change is the paramount question. Everything we do must be mitigated by the effects that it will have on the lives of people on a day to day basis. Is this not supposed to be the goal of both sides on this issue. Are we not supposed to be improving the lives of people and our environment to the better of us all? Remember it is God’s planet not ours!!! And he’s going to want it back someday.

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What A Great Day To Be A Conservative!!!!

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Who could have believed that the first anniversary of Barack Obama’s inaugaration could be a great day for conservatives. Yet, it has turned out to be just that. What was believed to only be possible by January, 2011 has come to pass a year early. And that is the loss of the Democrats filibuster proof majority in the Senate. No less to have come in the manner that it did. It’s almost like a present gift wrapped in a golden paper of irony. Not only did the Democrats lose a Senate seat, but they lost it in Massachusetts, it was Ted Kennedy’s seat, and it was done by almost the same margin of victory that the President beat John McCain by in 2008. What could be sweeter? So, rather than mourning this day, as I had planned, I can now celebrate.

All gloating aside this truly is a significant election. Hopefully this is a harbinger of things to come. The implications of Scott Brown’s victory are far and wide. After gubernatorial losses by the Democrats, in both Virginia and New Jersey in November, we now have seen one of the most liberal states elect a Republican Senator. This one vote now means that the Democrats have to at least consider the other party when it comes to any legislation. Prior to this, as the health care bill exemplifies, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could ram through any bill that they could make pallatable to their own party. Now the Republicans have the ability to check the exteme socialist agenda of this Administration and their far left allies.

Yes, there is still much to be done to completely derail this drastic swing toward the western European model of government that we have seen over the last year, but this is a giant leap foward in the right direction. No pun intended. If Massachusetts is willing to elect a Senator based on his opposition to the Obama agenda what does this say about the rest of the nation. Many Democrats are trying to pose the weakness of Martha Coakley as a candidate as the reason for this upset. I hope they continue to believe that that is the case. For it will bode all the better for the conservatives in the 2010 elections in November if this is what they think. This was a referendum on the policies of this President. A giant stop sign saying “No more!”. Expressing the fact that many of the people in this country have realized exactly how radical Obama and the left truly are.

The 787 billion dollar toilet bowl known as the stimulus, miranda rights for terrorists, a trial in civilian court for Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and a tax raising government takeover of the health care system are just a few of the things that have genuinely alarmed the American people. Scott Brown’s election is a bell weather event. It is a sign of things to come if the Democrats don’t recognize that the citizens of this country are not willing to follow them down the yellow brick road towards the Soviet Socialist Republic of Oz. I pray that they don’t grasp this concept and that the people of this nation help return us to the values that made us great.  And faith in God, self-detemination, individual liberty, and limited government are those core values upon which this country has thrived.

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Barack Was Elected For Our Sins

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Barack was elected for our sins. He was sent by God and descended from the heavens. Obama was born to struggling circumstances from which he bounded to become the Savior of mankind. With him we have found new power. With him we now know we can. With him there are no limits to the potential of mankind.

No man in history has accomplished what our new Messiah has. He is hope, he is truth, he is compassion. His voice resounds with strength and confidence when he reads from a teleprompter. His words feed the soul when his speeches are prepared. He will provide food for the hungry, funds for the bankrupt, and his health care program will heal the sick. He will disarm our enemies with a smile. He will turn hearts of hate into hearts of love. His middle name will destroy the antipathy of the radical muslim world.

Where has he been? Why didn’t he come sooner? How much suffering could have been avoided if only he had come long ago? Why wasn’t he in the Garden of Eden? He could have convinced the snake that he was wrong. After all he is the Obama. He is the one that causes our hearts to beat. He is the one that makes the tides churn and the Sun rise. He is our beauty, our life, our god!!!

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