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What A Great Day To Be A Conservative!!!!

by on Jan.20, 2010, under Commentary, Essays, General, Political, Uncategorized

Who could have believed that the first anniversary of Barack Obama’s inaugaration could be a great day for conservatives. Yet, it has turned out to be just that. What was believed to only be possible by January, 2011 has come to pass a year early. And that is the loss of the Democrats filibuster proof majority in the Senate. No less to have come in the manner that it did. It’s almost like a present gift wrapped in a golden paper of irony. Not only did the Democrats lose a Senate seat, but they lost it in Massachusetts, it was Ted Kennedy’s seat, and it was done by almost the same margin of victory that the President beat John McCain by in 2008. What could be sweeter? So, rather than mourning this day, as I had planned, I can now celebrate.

All gloating aside this truly is a significant election. Hopefully this is a harbinger of things to come. The implications of Scott Brown’s victory are far and wide. After gubernatorial losses by the Democrats, in both Virginia and New Jersey in November, we now have seen one of the most liberal states elect a Republican Senator. This one vote now means that the Democrats have to at least consider the other party when it comes to any legislation. Prior to this, as the health care bill exemplifies, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid could ram through any bill that they could make pallatable to their own party. Now the Republicans have the ability to check the exteme socialist agenda of this Administration and their far left allies.

Yes, there is still much to be done to completely derail this drastic swing toward the western European model of government that we have seen over the last year, but this is a giant leap foward in the right direction. No pun intended. If Massachusetts is willing to elect a Senator based on his opposition to the Obama agenda what does this say about the rest of the nation. Many Democrats are trying to pose the weakness of Martha Coakley as a candidate as the reason for this upset. I hope they continue to believe that that is the case. For it will bode all the better for the conservatives in the 2010 elections in November if this is what they think. This was a referendum on the policies of this President. A giant stop sign saying “No more!”. Expressing the fact that many of the people in this country have realized exactly how radical Obama and the left truly are.

The 787 billion dollar toilet bowl known as the stimulus, miranda rights for terrorists, a trial in civilian court for Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and a tax raising government takeover of the health care system are just a few of the things that have genuinely alarmed the American people. Scott Brown’s election is a bell weather event. It is a sign of things to come if the Democrats don’t recognize that the citizens of this country are not willing to follow them down the yellow brick road towards the Soviet Socialist Republic of Oz. I pray that they don’t grasp this concept and that the people of this nation help return us to the values that made us great.  And faith in God, self-detemination, individual liberty, and limited government are those core values upon which this country has thrived.

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Barack Was Elected For Our Sins

by on Jan.12, 2010, under Commentary, Essays, General, Political, Uncategorized

Barack was elected for our sins. He was sent by God and descended from the heavens. Obama was born to struggling circumstances from which he bounded to become the Savior of mankind. With him we have found new power. With him we now know we can. With him there are no limits to the potential of mankind.

No man in history has accomplished what our new Messiah has. He is hope, he is truth, he is compassion. His voice resounds with strength and confidence when he reads from a teleprompter. His words feed the soul when his speeches are prepared. He will provide food for the hungry, funds for the bankrupt, and his health care program will heal the sick. He will disarm our enemies with a smile. He will turn hearts of hate into hearts of love. His middle name will destroy the antipathy of the radical muslim world.

Where has he been? Why didn’t he come sooner? How much suffering could have been avoided if only he had come long ago? Why wasn’t he in the Garden of Eden? He could have convinced the snake that he was wrong. After all he is the Obama. He is the one that causes our hearts to beat. He is the one that makes the tides churn and the Sun rise. He is our beauty, our life, our god!!!

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The Last Laugh?

by on Jan.12, 2010, under 2000, Poetry


The smoke rises in white waves and streaks

Encompassed in a spherical cloud

Yet, I can hear the dead Indians laughing

Chuckling in their graves


“They may have taken our land, raped our women, and killed us almost to the last.”

“But, we gave them cigarettes!”

Tobacco, the time-bomb that keeps on ticking

More effective than bullets

Longer lasting than radiation

It just keeps on killing, and killing, and killing

The perpetual motion machine of revenge

Maybe the Indians will have the last laugh after all

Or, should I say the last cough?

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