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Another Freak Hail Storm In The NYC Area

by on Jul.08, 2009, under General

     About three weeks ago Emerson, NJ and several surrounding towns were slammed by an extremely rare hail storm. Some of my students referred to it as snow. This was largely due to the fact that the roads had to be plowed and people had to shovel their walks and driveways. I was told that golfball sized hail still remained the morning after by someone who was an eyewitness. Now on July 7th, 2009 this phenomenon was practically repeated in and around Yonkers, NY. I have heard no first hand reports, but pictures made it clear that at least shovels and possibly plows were again needed. Maybe the persistence of the upper level low over our region for the past 5 weeks may be the cause for these storms. Yet, we have to wonder at exactly how exceptional this series of events are. Remember an unusually prolific hail storm with extremely dense territorial coverage struck from PA to NJ to NY to CONN in April.

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Obama’s Dangerous Games

by on Jul.07, 2009, under Political, Uncategorized

     President Obama’s moves, and lack there of, on the world stage reveal a dangerous idealism. His policies also seem to be beneficial to despots and tyrants and antagonistic to those nations with which the U.S. shares cultural and political similarities. His only consistency has been to cater to our enemies and shun our allies. This has been evidenced on at least a number of occasions. Whether it be policy statements on Israel or his defense of the unconstitutional efforts of Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya, the President can be sure to support the wrong side. Time and again he chooses to take positions that only further the goals of those who stand against liberty and freedom. The President seems more like a wide eyed college student fresh out of a Howard Zinn lecture than he does the leader of the free world.

     The agreements reached today with Russia are a perfect example. Essentially Obama gave away the store without getting anything in return. He spoke of how he “trusts” the Russian leadership. Were these not the same leaders who ordered the invasion and virtual annexation of two of the provinces of the sovereign country of Georgia? Yet, Obama seems to think that this warrants “trust”. This is the same government that opposes all of our efforts to deter Iran from developing nuclear weapons as well. The President simply sat down with Putin and Medvedev and conceded to every demand that they had. No promises of stopping their opposition to our missle defense shield in eastern Europe. No word that they won’t use their vast natural gas and oil reserves to hold their neighbors hostage again this winter. No, Obama signed a nuclear arms reduction package and then spoke about how he dreams of a nuclear free world. Maybe he should listen to what the leaders of other nations are dreaming about. How about a world without an America or wiping Israel off the face of the map. Neville Chamberlain dreamed of a world without war too. That’s what led him to sign the Munich agreement with Adolf Hitler in 1938. “There will be peace in our time.”, said Prime Minister Chamberlain. Does Obama have access to the same history books that I do? If I’m correct 1939 to 1945 was a pretty rough time, maybe he hasn’t studied that yet.

     While North Korea threatens to lob missiles at Hawaii the President dreams of a better world. While North Korea prepares to increase the power and range of its missiles Obama waits around for an effete Security Council resolution from the United Nations. I have to admit that the North Korea issue is probably one of the most difficult to find answers to solve the problem. Yet, our glorious leader has done nothing to change the situation. Could he have not pressured Russia to do more to help? I mostly worry about the possibility that Kim Jong Il will try to go out with a bang as he approaches his end. This same feeling about Saddam Hussein was one of the reasons I supported going to war there in 2003. Pyongyang doesn’t need nukes to do damage, with artillery alone they could level the city of Seoul and attack the tens of thousands of troops that we have in South Korea.

     Meanwhile the President exhibits near schizophrenia when it comes to democracy. On one hand he does nothing to support the Iranian people who were denied free and fair elections and on the other he supports an emerging tyrant in Honduras who violated the orders of their Supreme Court and the will of his own political party. Is it possible that Obama liked the anti-american book given to him by Hugo Chavez so much that he’s willing to speak out on behalf of his dear friend Zelaya? He calls it “meddling” in Iran, but immediately jumps to the defense of a president who violated the laws of Honduras. Is Obama revealing his true self with these dichotomous actions?

     More importantly is the issue of nuclear proliferation with Iran. I’m glad that the people of Iran are standing up against the Mullahs, but Mousavi is certainly no friend to the U.S. or the west. He is just as hell bent on destroying Israel as Ahmadinejad. Yet, this is one of the gravest situations confronting the world. Israel WILL defend itself before the menace of a nuclear armed Iran comes to fruition. No amount of diplomacy, pressure, or anything else will disuade them from a pre-emptive strike on Iran. Surely anyone with the least bit of knowledge of global affairs knows what trouble that could lead to, but instead we have the Obama administration lecturing the Israelis on settlements. He doesn’t move to fight the proxy armies of Iran, Hezboullah and Hamas. He doesn’t support the right of Israel to exist free from rockets and the threat of annihilation. No, Mr. Obama talks to them of restraint and asks nothing of the terrorists. He speaks of a two state solution, but never says that the Palestinian demand of the right of return to Israel would destroy the nation as a Jewish state. Like all leftists Obama’s anti-semitism may not be overt it’s only a matter of practicality.

     I am greatly disturbed by the foreign policy of this President. From issue to issue all I see are detrimental moves to the security of this nation. I see quite the appropriate analogy to Jimmy Carter. President Obama is a committed internationalist. President Obama is a socialist. President Obama holds a world view that disdains the American past and is opposed to our present dominance in the world. He has done nothing to alter my opinions on these matters and everything he has done has only served to reinforce my ideas of him. Lord willing we will endure four years of this man and still live in a world where we can exist in relative safety and security.

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