Timothy Lawton


The U.N. (Inspired by Hans Blix)

by on Jun.17, 2009, under 2003


Let us form a committee
To investigate the findings of the council
On the statement about the resolution
Which the council consulted the committee
To investigate on its statement
About the findings of the council
That the committee consulted
In order to form a statement
About which the council’s findings were investigated
By the committee
Any objections?

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My First Haiku

by on Jun.17, 2009, under 2004


Why Haiku sucks so
Restrained by syllabic flow
Rigid Bushido

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by on Jun.17, 2009, under 2004


If you want to fight us……
If you want to attack us…..
Then go ahead
Show yourselves!!!
Bring it on
But no, we fight worms
Worms who hide in the soil of our society
Worms who slither through our borders
Worms who walk right over the line
Walk in the hope that they can use our own system against us
Walk in the hope that we’re so blind we can’t see
So deluded that we think we live in a peaceful world
What sort of hells will shake us out of our sleep?
What sort of light shall set our souls ablaze?
We’re not at war, but we’re being warred upon

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Apocalyptic Postcards

by on Jun.17, 2009, under 2002


Viral spiral of a twisted age
Visions decisions manifesting our rage
Disturbing testaments to our man made cage
Look at the fires burning see the molested child squirming
As the innocent try to find a way out
Fleeting cheating the Wall St. kings
Inside cyanide our Satanic flings
Apocalyptic postcards of everyday things
See the deluge raining hear the good men straining
As we all struggle not to drown
Know the end is coming
It’s almost time to start running
The Lord’s about ready to take his crown
Fester jesters in statesman’s clothes
Slying lying adorned with Pinnochio nose

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Not To Care

by on Apr.27, 2009, under 2005, Poetry


I wonder what it would be like to be a person who didn’t care
One who didn’t feel or love
It would certainly be easier
But could it be better?
Not to have butterflies in your stomach for an unrequited love
Not to pause at the pointless loss of another life to a senseless crime
Not to well up with tears when a graduate gives an impassioned speech about his struggle to get to where he now stands
To know no joy in another’s triumph
Or to know no sympathy for another’s tears
What would it be like?
What would I live for?
Sure I would never suffer the sorrow and pain that comes with lost love
I would never pound my fist in rage at how the whole world is going to hell
I would never cry because someone exemplified what it means to persevere
I know it would certainly be easier
But, would it be better?

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