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What Else Should I have expected?!!!

by on May.11, 2010, under Uncategorized

     FROST: I prepared for warmth and I got cold. What a surprise!!!

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Planting Early In New jersey In 2010

by on May.08, 2010, under Gardening, Uncategorized

     This is the first year that I have started to clear out my greenhouses so early. Usually in northern New Jersey our target date of the last frost is between May 10th and 20th. This year I took a calculated risk and brought all of my trays of seedlings out around the last week of April and the first week of May. Hopefully any truly cold weather will hold off and this will not be a mistake on my part. The next few days will be a little iffy between wind and possible frost, but it was a chance I had to take.

PS I’ll be trying to design fences of fishing line to protect some of my gardens from the EVIL deer. I’ll try to post about how it works out.

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Greece, Spain, and Portugal: Obama’s Vision For America

by on May.08, 2010, under Commentary, Essays, General, Political, Uncategorized

     Why is our President following failed economic models? Socialized medicine, Cap and Trade, and higher taxes are all PROVEN disasters. Yet, Obama continues to take us further down the red brick road. His penchant for Marxist professors not withstanding, does he really believe that what he is doing is best for the country? Or does he have some ulterior agenda? His policies are so detrimental to the nation that it is necessary to ask these questions. The socialist economies of Europe are on the verge of economic collapse. Every state in the Union that has similar policies are on the verge of collapse as well. New York, California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are just the most salient examples. If it hasn’t worked it seems that this President is willing to try it.

     Rather than cut spending he has dramatically increased it. The deficits he is running are 300% over the worst deficit of the Bush years. On top of that he, and his liberal cohorts, managed to ram through a 2700+ page health care bill that no one read in its entirety. According to Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader of the House, we needed to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it. That sounds like genius to me. So, maybe we should pass other legislation on blank paper and the dictatorship could just fill in whatever they want whenever they want. Then we could at least stop calling ourselves a Republic. What exactly will be the Democrats crossing of the Rubicon? When will we actually see that we are no longer citizens in a democratic society, but slaves in a liberal fascist totalitarian state?

     As it stands now we can be personally regulated by the federal government at any point. This is due to the fact that CO2 has been designated a pollutant by the Supreme Court. This essentially means that the EPA can, without Congressional consent, devise any scheme it wants to reduce emissions of this “dangerous” greenhouse gas. Mind you that water vapor is the most prominent heat trapping gas and we breathe that out as well. We now live at the whim of whoever heads the EPA and under this President that is a truly frightening prospect.

     This imminent decline into socialism is further evidenced by the fact that the public sector is hiring more employees than the private sector. Our GDP is now over 40% federal government spending. What does this say about the future if we do not change the course that we are on? When will the pensions of these public employees become so onerous that we will have to enact austerity measures to curb their exhorbitant cost? Will our federal dependents act like the leftist hooligans in Greece and riot? I marvel at the fact that so many people in this country do not see the coming disaster if all of this is left unchecked. We are now not only spending the money of our children, but the money of our grandchildren as well. This is unsustainable!!!

     Mr. Obama continually does anything he can to sabotage the long running well being of this nation. Every economic policy he has enacted, or proposed, will lead us to financial ruin. Yet, we still have financial reform and cap and trade on the horizon. Who will invest money when the capital gains tax goes over 40%? We’d be better off avoiding the risks of investment and hiding our hard earned dollars under our mattresses. With taxes going through the roof, investment hindered, and businesses regulated out of profitability what will we do to survive? The economic recovery we see right now is only a mirage. When the full actions of this President, and his socialist allies, are realized we will descend into an economic abyss. Take a look at the healthcare bill that we supposedly needed so urgently that no one had time to read it. If we were so pressed for time why are so many of it’s provisions not enacted until 2013? Could it be that the leftists who pushed for the bill knew how unpopular many of these new laws and taxes would be and that this could cost Obama the 2012 Presidential election?

Europe is crumbling under the weight of entitlement. Numerous “blue” states are facing tremendous budgetary problems. Our Federal debt is nearly 100% of our GDP and it is forecast to become almost twice that in the next ten years. Now is the time to stop wasteful spending. Now is the time to reign in this runaway train. If we do not stop this profligate spending we will become Greece, Portugal, and Spain. It is time to stop the bailouts and let this house of cards fall. Every day that we continue this unsustainable path only increases the economic pain that it will take to correct the situation. True leaders have to explain this to the majority of the masses that still do not understand. All this spending has to stop and today is the day to begin.

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It’s Time To Start Planting 2010

by on Apr.17, 2010, under Gardening, General

Well, we are witnessing another strange season in norhtern New Jersey. No surprise!!! I’m almost done with my indoor seeds and have started many outdoor plants. Peas went into the ground about a month ago and I recently planted lettuces and carrots outside. Now is the time to plant trees if you want to. Most species have bloomed early despite the cold and snowy winter. The heat wave we experienced in early April accelerated alll growth. Thank God it ended and we are back to more typical weather for this time of year. I started my tubers (cannas and dahlias) and am actually keeping them outside for now. Watch for frost if you want to keep your plants safe. Remember many tropical and sub-tropical plants react negatively to a 39 degree temperature rather than 32. This is because water is densist at 39 degrees which separates it from all other compounds. This is why water is a miracle. If it were more dense as a solid than a liquid the oceans, lakes, and rivers would freeze from the bottom up and all life on earth would have to be completely different.

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The First Flowers Of Spring

by on Mar.28, 2010, under Gardening

I have had the first flowers at my new home come up. Crocuses. The first fruits of my efforts last fall. The daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips shouldn’t be too far behind. Outside I planted peas on the 18th of March only one day behind schedule. We’ll have to see how the unusually warm and wet weather affected them. In the green  houses I have planted many different types of seeds. Coleus, peppers, srtawflowers and tomatoes to name a few. Next week will be more tomatoes and marigolds of all sorts. I’m going super heavy on the marigolds this year because the deer don’t seem to like them. Yet, I’m still going to work with the plants they have been eating as well.

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