Timothy Lawton

The Thought

by on Jul.22, 2010, under 1997, General

The Thought

From the vast infinitudes of deepest space
To the infinitessimal confines of nothingness
Always salient is the thought,
the being, the presence
But a raindrop in the sea
A leaf in the forest
A breeze in a storm
Nothing is lost, nothing is forgotten
The mind of God fills the sea
The eye of God sees the leaf
And the hand of God catches the wind
It is all seen and all heard
We are but a letter in the cosmic books
A single letter in the library of time and space
Yet, all meaning is lost when we leave the page
Or, set out to make our own word

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  1. James

    Beautifully put. I agree profusely. Can one agree profusely?- James

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