Timothy Lawton

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A captain is called to the sea not to control it, but to guide us over its’ waves.

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  1. john patrick becton

    dear mr lawton,as the minister for children, i found your comments about the governments,proposals for the slaughter of the child benefit system,to be wise and shrewd,but today i see a snippet on the tv of you as an angry disgruntaled minister ,who has obviously, beeen taken in hand,and told to toe the party line.you know as well as me and several million people in this country ,that saving 1 billion pounds in child benefit,allows us as a country, to spend a further 20 billlion pounds on the replacement for trident,is that not increasing the budget defocits just in case , we all know our nuclear war is old technology,please once again become the man that i saw on some benile,fly on the wall program several months ago,and not the scared spinl;esss person, i saw yesterday,you afterall are the childrens minister, 20 billion would be better spent on schools hospitals and social care than defending a threat that does not exist,stand up for the children you are minister for,and not your leaders who constantly blame the previous goverenment for the of the cuff decisions ,they seem to be making at present yours jp becton,ps believe in yourself, and hope to hear from you by return

  2. john patrick becton

    if you would like to contact me directly my no is 07544685073, bet i dont hear

  3. Anonymous

    sounds like a challenge… i agree with this mr. Becton. You are a spineless, heartless S.O.B

  4. Timothy Lawton

    Actually I am an AMERICAN!!!! I tried to call Mr. Becton, but international calls are not on my plan. ENJOY!!!!

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