Timothy Lawton

It’s Been Too Long!!!!

by on Sep.15, 2011, under Uncategorized

This last year has been one of disasters and extremities. We see the world heating up in figurative terms and societies around the globe are in turmoil. Nature is in disarray.  Earth is out of season and the planet we have known is no longer what we have anticipated. Something is different from what we have become accustomed. Pay attention !!! Unfortunately I feel these are harbingers of things to come.

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  1. Gale

    Hi Tim,
    I agree with you, the world as we know it or rather have known it is in a very new place. Too many things changing too quickly and people are not really taking notice. Everyone is too wrapped up in themselves and what is going on in politics to notice how much nature has changed. We need to step away from our materialistic selves and take a look around at the planet as a whole, then and only then can we make rational decisions. It is time for America to wake up and not only us but every nation and look at the bigger picture. Hopefully we will not be too late.

  2. True

    the people are rediculously evil beacuase their False chirstianity is a peity towards evil and it is the bed rock of their society. They do not have Christ but the spirit of Satan in their hearts and it is a reflection of the world around them. Their enemies are the hont and benevelent and they all seek to murder those whom are good. The good do not Bless Evil, nither do they pardon evil.

  3. True

    Christ did not come to say to Love satan but to Love God, and You can not serve two masters. He said he came to bring division not unity, he came to bring war not peace. All the gospell is the same but the people have adopted Satanism as their Religion. There is no truth in them but a Love for evil. They despise truth. They have a broken Language to Love your enemies is to be Honest and fair not to forgive wickedness. To love your enemies is not forsake the innocent as the wage of Sin is death. These concepts are hidden in the hedged language of liars and the dogmaticly pious. Pieous to the Lie. In the darkness they dwell as murderers of the truth. A half truth is a full lie. There scheme of liars, on the left they have the liars who openly defend evil, and on the right you have liars who defend evil behind false platitudes. They are the same evil. Those who think there’s a “balance of intregral polatities” only defend the function of the Lying Deception. It’s it the politic of Satanism. no benevelence amonst them. on the left it is the voracious carnivorious evil, on the right, it is the voracious carnivourous evil hiding behind the lie. The reality is not every fits these two people, but for the work of the wicked they have turned the farmers into fighters. There is no evil in them, as their unforving vindiction has become holy by the hands of the evil. As the evil ones clain on the Wicked have rights, and the honest say only the Righteous have rights, The wicked lie and say both are the same, the righteous speak the truth and say they are different. They wicked have no justice in their words. These are simply truth things, as they always were true.

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